Enhancing the Retail Experience with Interactive Technology

Embrace Interactivity for Deeper Engagement with your Content

From Business Development Manager for Retail, Shannon Owens

When it comes to captivating customers and leaving a lasting impression, traditional retail methods can only take us so far. By incorporating interactive technology into the retail space, brands and businesses can create immersive and engaging experiences that not only attract customers with greater power than passive tactics, but ensure they leave the experience with a positive and long lasting impression of your brand.

Experienced professionals in retail will be familiar with the power of hands-on experiences to deliver a meaningful impact on their customers. When coupled with the latest technology, this approach has the potential to revolutionise the shopping experience.

The concept of experiential learning, pioneered by American philosopher and psychologist John Dewey, emphasises the importance of active engagement and real-life experiences in the learning process. This theory has a profound impact not only on education, but also on how brands and businesses can enhance customer experiences. By leveraging interactive touch-enabled spherical displays, businesses can create opportunities for customers to actively engage with products, leading to a deeper understanding and connection.

Research confirms that interactive learning methods are the most effective way to retain knowledge and apply it to real-world situations. In a study comparing different teaching techniques, engaging activities were found to be the most effective method for utilising new information. The findings are directly relevant to the retail sector: by incorporating touch-enabled spherical displays into the retail experience, brands can ensure that customers not only absorb information but also have the opportunity to apply it within the context of their shopping journey.

The outcomes of this study back up what we see often when our touch-enabled spherical displays are put in front of consumer audiences. Customers are drawn towards the spherical display, are actively engaged in the content, and they retain the messages communicated long after the interaction.

Touch-enabled spherical displays – with their intuitive presentation of data in three dimensional space, and the ability for users to get hands-on and interact with this content – align perfectly with the principles of experiential learning. The three-dimensional space allows customers to explore product ranges, examine intricate details, encounter data visualisations, and other branded content. Interactive applications on touch-enabled spherical displays make consuming content a truly captivating and memorable experience.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Quizzes and collaborative exercises can be integrated seamlessly into the display, offering new ways for customers to engage. This interactivity not only enhances customer engagement but allows brands to gather valuable insights into customer preferences and behaviour. Immediate feedback mechanisms enable brands to tailor their messaging, refine their offerings, and create more personalised customer experiences.

With their 360 degree visibility, spherical screens have also been very successful in facilitating collaborative environments that are the setting for many hands-on learning opportunities. This is supported by the high degree of social balance afforded by spherical displays, the positive impacts of which were confirmed by a field study conducted by a team from the University of Florida. By encouraging group discussions and problem-solving activities, touch-enabled spherical displays foster meaningful interactions, allowing customers to share their experiences and insights. 

The immersive nature of touch-enabled spherical displays enhances the overall retail experience. By stimulating multiple senses and activating various areas of the brain, customers are more likely to absorb information, make connections, and retain knowledge. This immersive experience not only makes the shopping journey more enjoyable but also creates a lasting impression that sets brands apart from their competitors.

As a thought leader in technology solutions, Pufferfish understands the power of touch-enabled spherical displays in creating immersive and engaging retail experiences. By embracing the theory of ‘learning by doing’ and incorporating interactive technology, brands and businesses can provide customers with an unforgettable retail experience. If you’re interested in enhancing your retail experience, I’d be delighted to discuss how our touch-enabled spherical displays can help you to leverage interactivity to have a genuine and positive impact on your customers.