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Leverage Interactive Experiences to Leave a Lasting Impression

From Business Development Manager for Corporate Communications, Ethan Campbell

When it comes to captivating clients and ensuring they are left with a lasting, positive impression of your brand, traditional marketing methods can only go so far. Incorporating cutting-edge technology into your brand experience could be the solution, but any investment needs a solid rationale to demonstrate how the new activity enhances the impact of your existing marketing efforts. This deep dive into the positive impact of interactive experiences will provide the rationale you need.

Seasoned marketers understand that hands-on engagement is crucial in creating a memorable brand experience that resonates with clients and fosters brand loyalty. The theory of experiential learning, championed by philosopher John Dewey, emphasises the importance of active participation and real-world interactions in the learning process. Translating this concept into the business world, ‘learning by doing’ can significantly enhance customer engagement and leave a lasting impression that traditional marketing methods struggle to achieve.

Research confirms that hands-on learning is the most efficient method for retaining knowledge and applying it to the real world. In a study by a team from US universities, four teaching techniques were measured for effectiveness. The results indicated that passive learning methods like lectures were the least effective, while in-class activities were the most effective for utilising new facts to apply them to the real world. The results are directly relevant to engaging clients and ensuring that your message stays long in the memory.

The outcomes of this study back up what we see often when our touch-enabled spherical displays are put in front of consumer audiences. Users are drawn towards the spherical display, are actively engaged in the content, and they retain the messages communicated long after the interaction.

Touch-enabled spherical displays – with their intuitive presentation of data in three dimensional space, and the ability for users to get hands-on and interact with this content – align perfectly with the principles of experiential learning. Through interactive presentations, simulations, and hands-on activities on touch-enabled spherical displays, customers are immersed in a memorable experience that fosters a deeper connection with your brand.  

The interactive capabilities of touch-enabled spherical displays offer a unique opportunity for brands to engage with clients on a whole new level. By integrating quizzes, interactive content, and collaborative exercises, businesses can not only captivate their audiences but also gather valuable insights into customer preferences and behaviours. Immediate feedback mechanisms enable brands to tailor their messaging, refine their offerings, and create more personalised customer experiences.

These immersive displays provide a platform for interactive brand storytelling, allowing clients to experience your products or services in a dynamic and engaging manner. Incorporating touch-enabled spherical displays into your brand experience not only captures the attention of potential clients, but also ensures that key brand messages leave a positive and lasting impression. 

With their 360 degree visibility, spherical screens have also been very successful in facilitating collaborative environments that are the setting for many hands-on learning opportunities. This is supported by the high degree of social balance afforded by spherical displays, the positive impacts of which were confirmed by a field study conducted by a team from the University of Florida. By fostering group discussions, teamwork and problem-solving, touch-enabled spherical displays spark meaningful interactions and encourage clients to engage with the brand in a hands-on manner.

The immersive nature of touch-enabled spherical displays also enhances the overall experience clients have with your brand and encourages a hands-on, tactile approach. When users are fully immersed in an interactive environment, multiple senses are stimulated, activating various areas of the brain to facilitate deeper understanding. Audiences are then more likely to absorb information, make connections and remember your message.

Pufferfish, as a leader in interactive display solutions, understands the power of touch-enabled spherical displays in enhancing corporate brand experiences and creating lasting impressions by inviting clients and stakeholders to get hands-on. By leveraging the experiential learning theory and the immersive capabilities of spherical displays, businesses can elevate their marketing strategies, engage clients in meaningful interactions, and differentiate their brand in a competitive market landscape.

As a dedicated business development manager at Pufferfish, specialising in interactive solutions for the corporate sector, I am excited to discuss how touch-enabled spherical displays can transform your brand experience, captivate your clients, and leave a lasting positive impression that sets your brand apart from the competition.