PufferSphere’s starring role on new Amazon Prime series

PufferSphere’s starring role on new Amazon Prime series Image

The PufferSphere was a key element on the popular celestial dating show on Amazon Prime, which has over 200 million users. We’re pleased to reveal our involvement with the team who designed the set for the Amazon Original series.

As globally renowned and market-leading digital display specialists, we are delighted to reveal our involvement with the team that created Amazon Prime’s new celestial dating sensation – ‘Cosmic Love’.  One of our flagship products, the PufferSphere, has a ‘starring’ role throughout the Amazon Original series airing now on the global streaming service, which has upwards of 200m users.

At the heart of the new dating concept is a mystical guide, the ‘Astro Chamber’, which helps four individuals navigate their search for the perfect spouse via astrological matchmaking.  The immersive chamber is the beating heart of the show, designed and built by industry-leading experience creators, RabCup, featuring astrological-themed content from Go2 Productions Inc.

The pioneering set features a ‘floating’ version of a PufferSphere digital display with a 1200mm spherical screen – invented, designed and created in our Edinburgh studio, and shipped to the show’s creators in California.

Cosmic Love’s set creators wanted an element that the show’s participants could interact with, but which wouldn’t cast shadows on the set, thereby maintaining the immersive experience.  The PufferSphere helped them achieve that by utilising internal projection.

The entertainment sector is a key growth platform for us, alongside corporate communications, museums, science centres, planetariums, art exhibitions and other visitor attractions, and science and educational institutions.  We work with partners in these sectors and build spherical digital displays that deliver a multi-sensory experience, combining sound, vision, data and touch to create a truly immersive and memorable experience for users – and in this case, the viewer.

Elaine Van Der Berg, CEO of Pufferfish, said: “Working with RabCup, one of the world’s most prominent experiential creators to design an Amazon Prime product, has been an incredible experience for all involved.  Our interactive display technology and the production concept were perfectly compatible.  Our interactive display technologies continue to break new ground and this project is an excellent example of the versatility of our technology.  We always knew our multi-sensory technology could do a lot – but matchmaking is a new feature for us to add to our list!”

AJ Freysteinson, creative director at RabCup, said: “RabCup has worked with Pufferfish for over 10 years on a variety of projects.  Constantly running with the demanding timelines and creative needs of our clients, Pufferfish has been there on time and with the solutions we need for our projects. Their technology has helped us be creative, while their support makes all things possible.  It was a pleasure to work with the team again on this project and we look forward to continuing the journey.”

We have previously worked with NASA, Google, IBM and the BBC, and are currently focused on accessing new markets fuelled by a growing demand for multi-sensory, immersive, audio-visual experiences. We recently launched a further £600k funding round to support our scale-up ambitions.