Introducing the PufferTouch3

Woman interacting with the PufferTouch3 screen
Woman interacting with the PufferTouch3 screen

Captivate your audience with our newest and most powerful interactive spherical display system. PufferTouch3 is the next generation of interactive spherical displays, capable of incorporating a variety of content for compelling storytelling, high impact and high engagement.

Encouraging audiences to explore and interact with complex data, unlike traditional one-way technologies, PufferTouch3 overcomes display limitations and delivers ease of engagement.

More than any other commercially available product, PufferTouch3 enables brands and organisations to tell compelling and captivating stories that are uniquely bespoke to them. By amplifying these stories to chosen audiences, PufferTouch3 increases dwell time and encourages information retention.

PufferTouch3 has been successfully soft tested by:

University of Illinois – For use in their science communications.
Catapult – A company in the UK space sector.
Earth X – A non-profit based in Texas focused on sustainability and climate change.

PufferTouch3 is also in production for The Swedish Museum of Natural History.

These client partnerships demonstrate that PufferTouch3 has validated user applications across the four sector pillars of Education, Corporate, Science and Museums. PufferTouch3’s innovative technology was developed by Pufferfish and is entirely designed and assembled within the UK.

The Technical Details:

PufferTouch™3 is our brightest and most powerful system to date.

– The easy-to-deploy, streamlined assembly is preloaded with a package of ready-to-use applications. This means the PufferTouch™3 can be up and running in minutes.
– Full network support and integrated audio.
– Up to Full 4K ultra-bright acrylic screens.
– Screen sizes available – 600mm, 760mm and 900mm so your options range from medium-sized to big and bold.