Now More Affordable Than Ever

PufferSphere3 people viewing colourful projection

In a move that reflects our commitment to both innovation and accessibility, Pufferfish is proud to announce a game-changer in the way you experience our cutting-edge display technology. Understanding the varied needs of our clients, we’ve revolutionised our approach with a new, three-tiered pricing structure, ensuring that our market-leading products are within reach for a wider range of projects and budgets.

Introducing Our Tailored Tiers:

Basic: Our entry-level displays provide an affordable solution with no compromise on quality.

Standard: Our all-rounder. Versatile and dependable displays, suitable for a wide range of purposes

Premium: Our brightest and most powerful displays that deliver an unparalleled visual experience.

Meet the Pufferfish range:

PufferMini – Starting at £19,999: Compact yet mighty, the PufferMini is your gateway to engaging with audiences in a more personal, touch-enabled format. Whether as a standalone feature or networked ensemble, this little powerhouse redefines interaction.

PufferSphere – Starting at £29,999: Elevate any event with the PufferSphere, a beacon of immersive storytelling. Harnessing 4k projection technology, it offers unrivalled clarity, brightness, and performance.

PufferTouch – Starting at £34,999: Lead the way with the world’s premier touch-enabled spherical display. The PufferTouch invites you to interact with digital worlds through intuitive gestures, making every engagement a memorable journey.

PufferHemi – Starting at £34,999: With the PufferHemi, experience visual storytelling that’s twice as bright and incredibly vivid, even in the most luminous of environments. It’s not just a hemisphere; it’s a canvas for creating unforgettable experiences.

PufferGrand – Starting at £160,000: Redefine spectacle with the PufferGrand. This colossal display is the epitome of performance, offering triple the projection power to captivate any audience, from the corners of an atrium to the grand expanses of a stadium.

Join the visionaries and pioneers who already trust Pufferfish to elevate their experiences. Google, NASA, Amazon, Sony, and the BBC are among our customers who have transformed their spaces and stories with our technology.

We invite you to step into the future of digital engagement with Pufferfish displays – where premium quality meets newfound affordability. Discover how our innovative displays can create captivating experiences for your audience.