Pufferfish In The Spotlight: Charting Our Path to Stellar Success

At Pufferfish, our journey from a promising start-up to an industry leader in digital displays has been one of innovation, resilience, and commitment. This feature offers a glimpse into our transformative phase, highlighting our CEO, Elaine Van Der Berg’s significant role in reshaping our destiny.

The road hasn’t always been smooth. Like many others, the Covid-19 pandemic posed challenges for Pufferfish. At a critical juncture, we welcomed Elaine Van Der Berg, an industry stalwart with a history of esteemed positions at Dell, Capita, and Amazon Web Services. She saw beyond the immediate hurdles. “I just saw opportunity after opportunity. The product was there, the team was there. We just needed the right business fundamentals.”

Our collaborations are testimonies to our growth and innovation. From prestigious organisations like Rolls-Royce Engineering, NASA, to creative ventures with Disney’s Haunted Mansion, we have widened our horizons, delivering custom-made experiences for diverse clientele.

The heart of our strategy under Elaine’s leadership is clear: evolution, embracing emerging technologies including AI, and offering SaaS solutions to enable clients to craft their own displays with our unwavering support. The results speak for themselves – a 60% revenue growth in the past year.

“We are on a significant journey to acquire more customers, ensuring alignment across product, sales, and marketing,” says Elaine, emphasising the synergistic approach.

The road ahead is meticulously mapped out. Targeting a turnover of around £4m next year, our focus remains on continual improvement, leveraging our unique expertise, and delivering unparalleled experiences for our clients.

Thanks to Elaine’s compassionate understanding of work-life integration, she’s cultivating a culture where relationships outside the office are valued, further cementing Pufferfish as not just a workplace, but a community.

Drawing inspiration from her experiences, Elaine believes in a proactive, questioning approach, a lesson she imbibed from Michael Dell. It’s this philosophy that continues to guide our path forward at Pufferfish.

To delve deeper into our transformation journey and insights from Elaine Van Der Berg, follow the link to read the full article from The Times.