DIVA Antwerp – Shine bright like a diamond.

DIVA Antwerp – Shine bright like a diamond. Image

DIVA Antwerp‘s team wanted to focus on telling a compelling story around their collection of 600 fascinating objects. The aim being to create an immersive experience unlike any other – to tell the story of the diamond trade and how it shaped the city. The project’s main contractor, Bruns, approached Pufferfish to help achieve that aim.

The solution was a PufferSphere. Making an impact in the centre of the exhibition space, the system provides interactivity via external touchscreens. Users are given control to navigate content at their own pace. Our software tools allow creators the freedom to easily prepare content through converting flat assets to be optimised for display on spherical screens.

Prior to taking up position in its new home in Antwerp, the PufferSphere formed part of a travelling DIVA exhibition, visiting China. For three months the exhibition wowed visitors in Shanghai, telling DIVA’s compelling story, before returning to Belgium, ahead of the museum launch. More than 100,000 people visit DIVA each year. Now a key piece in the exhibition, the PufferSphere delights visitors and continues telling the story in an innovative way.

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DIVA frequently use Pufferfish software to create their own content. Our intuitive, user-friendly systems and extensive library put our customers in charge of telling their story and refreshing content as they want. Ensuring the PufferSphere continues to develop with them.