The Box – An unforgettable centrepiece.

Unforgettable centrepiece

In the bustling visitor attraction sector, The Box was determined to distinguish itself from its museum and gallery rivals with an unforgettable immersive experience. In order to offer something truly memorable for visitors of all ages, they required a concept that gave a sense of exploration. Premier exhibition fit-out contractor The Hub asked Pufferfish to create an unparalleled centrepiece for The Box. A room of larger proportions requires a commanding piece of technology, something that wasn’t lost in the space. The PufferSphere was the ideal fit.

As a focal point and unforgettable centrepiece for installations, the PufferSphere, providing a portal into another world, is a versatile, large-scale solution, suitable for both ceiling and floor mounting. With its powerful 13,000 Lumens and 4K Ultra HD screen, it’s guaranteed to mesmerise viewers with vibrant visuals that burst with colour.

The Box embraced the PufferSphere, integrating it with four touch-interactive kiosks to allow visitors to discover information through their own exploratory processes. This user-focused approach, coupled with the gamified exploration of the gallery’s themes gives visitors a unique and unforgettable experience. Something which now sets The Box apart from its competitors, achieving their original aim.

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