Life Science Centre – Transform the space and thrill.

Life Science Centre – Transform the space and thrill. Image

The Life Science Centre‘s team wanted to design a revolutionary exhibition room, so they reached out to Pufferfish for help. We listened to their needs and came up with a powerful solution to transform the space and take the thrill of the room to a completely new level.

Through the use of The PufferSphere, the Life Science Centre team were able to display content and data with maximum clarity, resulting in increased engagement from a diverse range of visitors. To enable the team to edit and create content efficiently, we crafted a specialised software solution tailored to their needs – transforming and thrilling audiences with show-stopping content.

With the PufferSphere showing mesmerising content, the new exhibition room was an instant hit with visitors. It is a truly powerful addition to an already ground breaking museum. The Pufferfish solution transformed the way information is used by the attraction, as well as viewed and understood by visitors.

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