Vodafone – Delivering dynamic content.

Vodafone – Delivering dynamic content. Image

Vodafone was seeking an exciting way to promote their new mobile phone packages to their target market. They opted to run a series of experiential nightclub takeovers across Germany. Transforming some of the country’s top clubs into their own branded party spots, Vodafone used the events to get attention in person and online. They needed something to work hard for them in communicating their message and delivering dynamic content in this noisy and busy environment. Something which could communicate exclusive messaging across the series of events and settings.

Using a PufferSphere, which integrates seamlessly into any environment, as an awe-inspiring centrepiece helped with delivering dynamic content, specifically designed to synergise with the aesthetics of the club events and the music at the heart of it.

Vodafone was targeting younger audiences, encouraging them to engage and interact with the brand. The aim being to make them think of Vodafone as more than a regular telecommunication company. The PufferSphere provided something new, something different, for this audience and demonstrated that Vodafone is a forward looking company. One which embraces new technology. Overall it ensured Vodafone’s brand messages not only reached the assembled crowd of partygoers on the night, but created a buzz across socials.

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We’ve worked with Pufferfish on numerous occasions worldwide. Their team continuously delivers amazing results with their incredible experiential technology solutions. They enable our clients to engage audiences on busy exhibition show floors. The PufferSphere is always a real hit with audiences, providing a captivating display and a great starting point for starting conversations with customers. Hart Wilcox, on behalf of Vodafone