Sony – New technology at the heart of the launch.

Sony – New technology at the heart of the launch. Image

To create a concept for the heart of the launch of the new Xperia phone, Sony approached Pufferfish to help. The electronics giant was keen to make a big impact with their hotly anticipated smartphone, which was due to feature in the biggest movie of the year, as James Bond’s phone of choice.

Central to this concept was a requirement for a remarkable statement piece at the heart of the launch, linking the phone’s powerful gaming and music features, including a nod to the Sony Walkman legacy with an all-new interface. Pufferfish helped achieve this aim – providing an answer to their problem that no other supplier could.

A PufferSphere, which transforms any visual experience into an immersive and riveting spectacle, was placed in the middle of the venue, at the heart of the launch. The display invited guests to interact with Sony themed digital content on the sphere.

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Journalists, celebrities, and the cream of the British music, film and TV scene loved engaging with content on the sphere. A major hit, the PufferSphere helped create a fun atmosphere, starting conversations among strangers gathering around a digital centrepiece.