Twitter – Creating a digital centrepiece.

Twitter – Creating a digital centrepiece. Image

We were approached by Strong & Co on behalf of Twitter to provide a digital centrepiece for a high-profile Twitter Live event. The event was aimed at celebrating Twitter and showcasing exciting new technologies. The aim for the event was to celebrate users’ passions on the platform with a high-tech installation. Organisers wanted to create an event that was as engaging as Twitter itself. Strong & Co turned to Pufferfish for a centrepiece that was sure to have an impact.

The PufferGrand, our largest spherical display yet, created a jaw-dropping digital centrepiece for the exclusive Twitter event. Positioned as an eye-catching display above the heads of the those in attendance, the PufferGrand could be controlled by guests, allowing them to participate in content creation and, together, create something truly unique.

Attendees loved engaging to create interesting interactions and content on the sphere around the Twitter Live hashtag. Featuring the PufferGrand at the centre we achieved the aim of allowing guests to interact and contribute using hashtags to create fun and dynamic content around the event.

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The PufferGrand works brilliantly in larger spaces. Our easy-to-use software ensures customers can create their own content quickly and our seamless integration makes blending into different environments so simple.