Walt Disney Company and IBM – Communicate the message.

Walt Disney Company and IBM – Communicate the message. Image

When launching Smarter Planet, computing giants IBM collaborated with the Walt Disney Company for the exhibition at Epcot Centre in Florida. They wanted to create a visitor attraction where people could get a behind-the-scenes look at technology’s role in creating a world that works better. The experiential exhibit would include interactive kiosks where Epcot’s 10 million visitors could learn about innovations, such as new technology and high-tech transportation systems. They needed something that would help communicate their messages in a high impact way.

With the requirement for scale and impact, we provided the PufferGrand, our largest spherical display yet, to communicate the important messages. Content was designed and produced in association with IBM, allowing them to build tailor made spherical content focusing on the issues and themes most relevant to the exhibition.

The PufferGrand helped convey the global importance of the message, and the use of engaging content meant that it was able to pull crowds, draw them in and hold their attention.

IBM and Disney worked with our team to help elevate their story to achieve amazing results. Together we developed unique content which was used on a sphere in a way which could educate and inform large numbers of people about technological advances.