Volkswagen – Drawing in crowds and holding their attention.

Volkswagen – Drawing in crowds and holding their attention. Image

The Volkswagen name means quality, innovation, and technological achievement. The brand is known for excellence. With exhibition space at one of the world’s biggest trade shows, Hannover Messe, their research and development team wanted something effective at drawing in crowds. Something truly memorable to stimulate conversations with the industry’s brightest minds and biggest influencers.

Volkswagen’s team wanted to showcase their incredible work in the fields of concept vehicle design and driverless technology. They were seeking technology that would succeed in pulling crowds and holding them. For an innovation loving audience it had to be something different, something impactful. Impressive enough to carry a story of German innovation in Germany, at the country’s biggest trade show. 

The PufferTouch, the world’s leading touch-enabled spherical display, doesn’t just transform content and deliver it in an exciting way, but is capable of engaging huge numbers of visitors. Drawing in crowds and holding their attention for longer. For Volkswagen it was also a key tool for presentations amongst groups of colleagues, clients and partners throughout the show. The bright, powerful display of PufferTouch makes it ideal for brightly lit exhibition environments.

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The PufferTouch is a powerful tool in attracting visitors. Its use ensured Volkswagen’s work was not just remembered, but championed and discussed throughout the event. It helped with stimulating conversations and engaging audiences about their work, innovations, and future thinking. The ease of use and ability to be set up quickly by non-technical colleagues means it is now used in Volkswagen’s corporate offices, along with at other conferences and events.