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BBC presents data on the PufferSphere

The BBC Christmas Lectures have been an institution since 1825. With legends like Sir David Attenborough showcasing the wonders of science, the series aims to engage audiences and transform information into an engaging, enjoyable and memorable experience for all.

For over two million British families, the BBC Christmas Lectures are a staple of the holiday season. Windfall Films, the production company behind the series, wanted to do something new, something highly engaging. Moreover they needed a focal point for the lectures, as well as something which could better communicate scientific content. The solution needed to engage audiences, of all demographics.

Research shows that content on a sphere is easier for people to understand. Making the PufferSphere the perfect solution for this situation. With a commanding presence in any setting, it ensures scientific information is displayed with a borderless view. When exploring global data, increased context and deeper understanding comes from delivering content in an innovative way. The world’s most powerful projection technology, with dynamic touch screens, allowed the BBC presenters to interact with data live and deepen engagement with their viewers.

BBC presents data on the PufferSphere

A spherical surface is more impactful than a flat surface and the shape can make complex data more understandable. We used data sets from our ready-made content to help illustrate the lecture series’ key topics. Our library consists of the world’s best data sources – NASA, NOAA, NCEO, Science on a Sphere, and so much more. We also optimised data sets from the lecturers to work on a sphere. The lectures were vibrant, attention grabbing, informative and truly engaging for all audiences. Overall using the PufferSphere transformed the way information was used, viewed and understood.