Norwegian Nature Centre – High-tech exhibits.

Norwegian Nature Centre – High-tech exhibits. Image

One of Norway’s most popular visitor attractions was working on a major creative overhaul to re-launch as a state-of-the-art experience and teaching centre. Featuring high-tech exhibits, highlighting natural and cultural history, they wanted to use new technology to incorporate the latest research from Norwegian experts and scientists to create impactful, multilingual content, connecting visitors of all ages to the stunning natural world. With a three-billion-year-old history of intricate plate tectonics, it was imperative to construct a story that resonated with all audiences. Our response was to create an interactive and aesthetically-pleasing display that did not require excessive maintenance. The perfect fit was the highly advanced PufferSphere which captivated audiences.

There were high expectations for the revamped centre and using Pufferfish technology allowed for the delivery of an entirely immersive and interactive experience for visitors. Standing out among other high-tech exhibits, The PufferSphere features prominently within the space, educating and entertaining all, and playing a key role in helping visitors to understand the geological processes that created the incredible scenery in which the nature centre is set.

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Research shows that, with active engagement in the learning process, retention of information increases and visitor enjoyment rises. Norwegian Nature Centre used the PufferTouch to engage a wide range of people, helping them learn and retain more information than would have been possible with other technologies.