Lapworth Museum of Geology – A fresh perspective.

Lapworth Museum of Geology – A fresh perspective. Image

Embarking on a large project to bring the Lapworth Museum of Geology into the 21st century, the museum was looking for new technology. Something to help bring a new perspective on the collection, setting the scene for visitors to connect with the rich past of the institution and the geology that surrounds us.

Working closely with exhibition designers Real Studios and content designers Squint Opera, Pufferfish provided the canvas for the creation of an interactive globe through which visitors could browse data visualisations and animations relating to key earth science stories. The PufferSphere helped pull visitors into the experience, giving them a fresh perspective, and offering a new way of learning.

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After the successful redevelopment, the museum was nominated for the prestigious Museum of the Year award. Feedback from the judging panel suggested that this honour was in part attributed to the innovative technology and interactive exhibits that make it easier for guests to comprehend the evolution of life.

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Pufferfish solutions bring immersive experiences, where visitors can interact with displays and experience content in a totally new way. Allowing plenty of space for groups to gather around it, it aids conversation around key messaging and stimulates deeper conversations.