NASA – One giant sphere for humanity.

NASA – One giant sphere for humanity. Image

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is America’s civil space program and the global leader in space exploration. NASA were looking to create an exciting new travelling display to educate and engage the public about their work.

Being famous for some of the greatest technological advances of all time, the solution had to spotlight NASA’s scientific information in a high-tech, yet user-friendly way.

Presenting complex data on a sphere, particularly scientific information, can make it easier for people of all ages to process. The PufferSphere provided an exciting format on which NASA could present their data in a more effective way.

NASA use the PufferSphere as a travelling display across the world to educate people on the Universe. It has appeared at the International Space Station Research and Development Conference, the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex and on the NASA stand at the Philadelphia Science Festival. The PufferSphere is a tool that NASA relies on to better engage audiences and tell complex stories about our role in the Universe.

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Spherical displays are a valuable tool for educational purposes. The unique and eye-catching design can be built at tailored heights to capture the attention of children and adults alike. Learning becomes hands-on, exciting and active. With the user in complete control it’s easy to delve deeper into the stories and facts of interest, prompting longer dwell time and boosting enjoyment levels.

We were admiring the PufferSphere for some time and wanted an opportunity to use it on one of our client’s projects. When NASA approached us about working on a traveling display, we knew we had the right product. One that would not only drive traffic but would also be a highly intuitive, interactive piece that was not only visually pleasing, but an innovative way to educate the public.Media Fusion, on behalf of NASA