Wood Group – Revealing the rebrand in 4K Ultra HD.

Wood Group – Revealing the rebrand in 4K Ultra HD. Image

Wood Group, an international consulting and engineering company with 35,000 employees spread across 60 countries, was conducting a massive rebranding process. They have an extensive background in engineering, as well as oil and gas industries, and sought a platform to express their reputation for excellence, experience, and innovation to a worldwide audience.

In order to debut their new identity and generate excitement before revealing the rebrand, the company was looking for a cutting-edge technology to interact and inform their stakeholders at the important Offshore Europe event.

Through the PufferTouch, the world’s leading touch-enabled spherical display, stakeholders were provided with a captivating education of the company’s developments and progress.

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Wood’s successful use of the PufferTouch enabled them to share high-quality content in a memorable manner, helping them establish their brand identity and showcasing their strength in innovation. This method allowed them to showcase the changes in their corporate strategies and culture, by exhibiting their use of the newest technology.