OBIC Group – A technically innovative centrepiece.

OBIC Group – A technically innovative centrepiece. Image

In search of a technically innovative centrepiece for their new lobby in Osaka, OBIC turned to Pufferfish in collaboration with Cornes Technologies, due to their longstanding partnership. Their goal was to have visually captivating and impactful content that could engage their diverse clientele.

OBIC wanted a groundbreaking solution that would communicate to visitors on arrival that the company is looking to the future. As a result, they introduced the state-of-the-art PufferSphere as their innovative centrepiece. With its 4K Ultra HD screen and enhanced content capabilities, it turns heads and communicated the message.

The PufferSphere now serves as an unmissable centrepiece in OBIC’s lobby, and ultimately showcases the brand as they specified – one of innovation, expertise, and forward thinking.

Full Cover Image
Full Cover Image