Syneos Health – Stand out from the competition.

Syneos Health – Stand out from the competition. Image

For large trade shows throughout the world, the main purpose is the same – to stand out from the competition. To drive and catch the attention of foot traffic, to start conversations with clients, and to get brand messaging across to a wider audience. So when it comes to stand design, it’s imperative to catch the eye of anyone and everyone in the venue. This is where Pufferfish can help.

Syneos knew they needed a show stopper. They wanted something truly unique, innovative, and something that would draw in crowds from the Healthcare profession.

Being that their client, Omidria Corporation, are ocular experts and have a strong visual identity, they decided on a physical embodiment of their iconic eyeball character logo. It would truly bring the wow factor they wanted, and ensure brand messaging was engaged with and remembered.

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With the latest PufferTouch displaying ultra-high definition quality projection and featuring intuitive touch screen features, it was the ideal solution for Syneos Health and Omidria Corporation. The content is not only user-friendly and on brand, but the eyeball character is incredibly memorable. Their PufferTouch, the world’s leading touch-enabled spherical display, has engaged trade show attendees, encouraged conversation around the interactive, intuitive application, and makes sure they truly stand out amongst the competition.