49ers – Superbowl stars go superball.

49ers – Superbowl stars go superball. Image

At the annual Kickoff: Players for a Purpose event presented by SAP, the San Francisco 49ers Foundation marked their impressive 30th anniversary in style. But it wasn’t just the celebration that left an impact; it was the cause behind it.

The event aimed to raise funds for three incredible non-profit organisations dedicated to supporting youth in the Bay Area. Attendees were invited to make a pledge to safeguard the future.

Sports marketing consultants Genesco Sports Enterprises needed a way to communicate this message in an eye-catching way. That’s where the PufferTouch came into play.

The PufferTouch, the world’s only touch-enabled spherical display showcased the message explaining how attendees could pledge to support the local community, alongside the names of every attendee who had made a pledge. It was a powerful way to show appreciation for the pledges made by attendees and inspire others to join in making a positive difference.