adidas Originals – A portal to new worlds.

adidas Originals – A portal to new worlds. Image

To mark the arrival of the latest Ozworld collection from adidas Originals, bespoke in-store activations immersed shoppers in the brand’s digital universe by leveraging the latest in interactive technologies.

The adidas group strives to be the best sports brand in the world, and is one of the largest manufacturers of sports shoes and clothing on the planet. The new collection is a bold new step towards the future of personal expression in the virtual world; such a boundary-pushing and forward-thinking campaign required a creative use of technology to match.

The PufferTouch spherical display provided the centrepiece of a range of multi-store interactive experiences for the launch of adidas’s latest range. Customers could engage with the PufferTouch to explore the new product range, and through interacting with the diverse range of products, bring their associated digital worlds to life.

The PufferTouch transported adidas customers from Dubai retail units to the vibrant, virtual environments of adidas’s digital world – allowing them to fully explore the new collection, connect meaningfully with the personalised experiences on offer, and to leave with a positive and lasting memory of the brand.