Armagh Observatory and Planetarium – Spark visitors’ curiosity.

Armagh Observatory and Planetarium – Spark visitors’ curiosity. Image

Armagh Observatory and Planetarium is the longest-running planetarium in the British Isles. First opened in 1968, the team wanted to refresh the exhibition space and introduce more immersive technology for their 50th anniversary. 

The aim was to introduce inspiring moments of interaction, in order to support active learning and boost visitor enjoyment. The core objective was to spark curiosity about the wonders of space and create lasting memories for visitors.

Utilising our wealth of scientific data about space, the Pufferfish team devised a unique and informative software solution. Presenting content on an interactive and easily moveable PufferTouch, the world’s leading touch-enabled spherical display, provided Armagh Observatory and Planetarium with a unique way to communicate an exciting array of stats and facts. Quickly becoming a hit with their visitors.

The powerful 4K Ultra HD projection ensured that even with additional ambient light, the content was clear and impactful. Surrounded by external displays featuring eye-catching content, the whole environment allowed visitors to feel fully immersed in constellations and galaxies. Such an environment blends the line between education and entertainment, prompting people to stay for longer, discuss and marvel in groups.

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Using a PufferTouch stimulates all the senses and inspires visitors of all ages to engage with it. Being quick to assemble and easy to move, Armagh Planetarium now regularly change the content and move their PufferTouch around for events and outreach.