Brno Observatory and Planetarium – A new solution.

Brno Observatory and Planetarium – A new solution. Image

Brno Observatory and Planetarium was seeking a new solution that engaged visitors directly with the planets of the Solar System, delivering impact through education and offering an unforgettable experience. Projection specialists Nowatron Elektronik approached Pufferfish to help conceive a special display to be developed as part of the renovation and expansion of the Brno Observatory and Planetarium.

Assessing the space, we proposed the use of a PufferSphere. Giving consideration to the environment, we suggested ceiling mounting the PufferSphere. This solution maximised use of the space by allowing the sphere to sit at the ideal height for maximum impact, whilst not taking up valuable floor space.

Brno Observatory
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The PufferSphere is a stunning centrepiece within the exhibition space, delivering visual impact and statement for the client. The Pufferfish solution supports the customer’s aim of delivering excellent educational experiences and harnessing the passion and knowledge of their staff. The result provides an engaging display for visitors to Brno Observatory to enjoy a truly immersive experience and explore the planets of the Solar System like never before.

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