Hayes and Jarvis – Draw people in.

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Capturing the attention of those passing by quickly was the challenge with this exhibition, just like with any other. The goal was to draw people in, so that promotional staff could better engage them. The Hayes and Jarvis brand, values, and offerings had to be given prominence throughout.

With the goal of finding a creative way to convey their brand message and stand out from their competitors in the world of travel, the customer chose the PufferTouch, the world’s leading touch-enabled spherical display. A comprehensive, interactive solution was designed that incorporated the company’s branding and enabled users to explore various options within the content.

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With 50,000 visitors to the exhibition, the stand had both competition and opportunity. Thanks to the PufferTouch capturing their attention, people crowded around the interactive sphere to get a hands-on experience with the Hayes and Jarvis brand and to get a taste of the exotic destinations on offer.

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A sphere offers a familiar way of finding foreign destinations, which is what this client used to draw potential customers in. Potential customers could take their time to explore, growing more eager and inclined to purchase due to the sphere’s user-friendly capabilities and sense of fun.