Amazon Prime – Close creative collaboration makes a love match.

Amazon Prime – Close creative collaboration makes a love match. Image

Amazon Prime is now enjoyed by more than 200 million members in 23 countries. It’s Amazon’s flagship subscription-based membership program, offering a global streaming service of movies, entertainment series and sports. Amazon Prime were looking for creative collaboration as they began to craft a centrepiece as part of a new series.

Cosmic Love is an Amazon Original dating show. Four contestants navigate their search for the perfect spouse via astrological matchmaking in the ‘Astro Chamber’. The show’s creators wanted to design a fully interactive sphere for the centre of the chamber that would cast no shadows onto the set.

The PufferSphere, with the ability to be a portal into another world, uses internal projection, and was perfectly placed to deliver the required content without creating the undesirable shadows. 

Working in close creative collaboration with the show’s designers and producers, the Pufferfish team created a ‘floating’ version of a PufferSphere for the pioneering set. This was shipped to the creators, in California. 

Pufferfish’s immersive spherical displays continue to push boundaries and this project, on an entertainment programme, is a fantastic illustration of the technology’s flexibility. Working together to meet the demands of the show’s producers and designers in constructing an exceptionally unique installation, was accomplished with a combination of creativity and remote collaboration.

We have worked with Pufferfish for over ten years on a variety of projects. Constantly running with the demanding timelines and creative needs of our clients, Pufferfish have always been there on time and with the solutions we need for our projects. Their technology has helped us be creative, while their support makes all things possible. We look forward to continuing our journey.RabCup, on behalf of Amazon Prime