Dior – Designing dreams.

Dior – Designing dreams. Image

Pufferfish created this stunning concept for iconic fashion house and Designer of Dreams, Christian Dior, to bring captivating new dimensions to their promotional content. Known for reinventing creative audacity with each new season, Dior is at the forefront of artistry and innovation, and this extends to their embrace of the latest in immersive technology.

Christian Dior is among the foremost brands in the Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH) portfolio, a multi-national holding and conglomerate widely regarded as the world leader in luxury. Since its first show in 1947, the House of Christian Dior has continued to assert its passion and engagement in exquisitely designed and crafted collections.

To best address the challenges of well-lit retail spaces, the PufferHemi was the perfect solution, delivering double the pixel density and double the brightness of comparative spherical displays. 360 degree viewing enabled multiple shoppers to view the display at the same time, with an equally stunning viewpoint of the vibrant content. Perfect for interactive spaces, users could engage in eye contact and conversation above the display. A variety of display sizes enabled customisation for different retail spaces around the globe.

From a simple playback of the latest video promotions from Dior, to 360 degree video of the cat walk and a hands-on showcase of new collections, the PufferHemi spherical display opened a world of possibilities for the Dior brand to connect with shoppers and leave a vivid and lasting impression.