Disney – Spooky encounters.

Disney – Spooky encounters. Image

Ahead of the release of Disney’s Haunted Mansion in cinemas, Partridge Events were tasked with creating spine-chilling experiences for visitors to UK shopping centres, inspired by the theme park ride after which the film takes its name.

They turned to Pufferfish to recreate one of the most iconic features of the much-loved ride and movie release, a spooky crystal ball, that would deliver spine-chilling encounters for those who dared.

A PufferTouch became the centrepiece for these activations, which gave Haunted Mansion fans the opportunity to come face-to-face with an enchanting, smoke-filled crystal ball, like the one they know from the original ride and recent movie release.

As a touch-enabled spherical display, the PufferTouch allowed fans the chance to interact with the swirling smoke and spectres inside the crystal ball, if they dared. They were captivated by the PufferTouch’s mesmerising visuals and its intuitive multi-touch interaction, which made the magical experience truly immersive.