Saudia Group – Take to the skies.

Saudia Group – Take to the skies. Image

At the heart of the aviation world, Saudia Group engaged audiences with innovation and inspiration by showcasing the incredible PufferHemi at the Dubai Air Show.

The PufferHemi, a touch-enabled spherical display with a unique twist—it’s a hemisphere, not a full sphere—captivated the attention of regular fliers and potential customers alike. It brought live flight data to life, allowing visitors to explore and plan their dream trips like never before. Users could simply touch the screen to rotate the globe and access a wealth of information at their fingertips.

Dubai Air Show, known as one of the largest and most successful in the world, provided the perfect stage for Saudia Group to unveil this cutting-edge technology.

But it didn’t stop there—Saudia Group wrapped up the show by announcing they’d formed a collection of strategic partnerships that will shape the future of the aviation industry in the region. And the PufferHemi was right there, playing a pivotal role in sparking those game-changing conversations.