The Deutsches Museum – Tell their story through technology.

The Deutsches Museum – Tell their story through technology. Image

The Deutsches Museum teamed up with one of Germany’s most visited museums, Bundeskunsthalle, for an exhibition on weather and climate change. They were looking for a unique way to tell their story through technology. At the heart of the project was the desire to educate and inform, while reaching visitors on an emotional level about global weather related issues.

The PufferSphere provides a portal into other worlds, and is a unique solution for museums and visitor attractions – presenting complex data through technology in a way that is better understood by a wider range of people. Research shows that the PufferSphere provides a magnetic appeal that draws in visitors, both individuals and groups. Its use in this example helps with educating visitors on the impact of weather systems; leaving them with a desire to find out more.

The exhibition highlights the impact of weather and climate change on humans throughout history. It features paintings by Turner and Constable to provide depth. It is an innovative digital display that gives a physical presence to digital content and helps engage, educate and excite visitors of all backgrounds and levels.

We were looking for an impressive tool to visualise data for our audiences. While scouring the market we learned about the PufferSphere and had to meet the Pufferfish team to see their solutions. The PufferSphere was impressive and the projection quality brilliant, but what really made the difference for us, was the enthusiasm within their team. They worked hard to achieve our vision. This worked perfectly for us, as well as our audiences.The Deutsches Museum, Germany