Turkish Airlines – Taking their brand to new heights.

Turkish Airlines – Taking their brand to new heights. Image

As the airline which flies to the greatest number of countries in the world, Turkish Airlines has a vast amount of data to navigate, but their innovative use of PufferTouch has made the customer experience seamless and inspiring.

Turkish Airlines has revolutionised the experience for customers in its Business Lounge at Istanbul Airport with the addition of a PufferTouch spherical display from Pufferfish. PufferTouch powers a Flight Tracker, which presents live flight information and destination data for an enhanced travel experience.

With the Turkish Airlines Flight Tracker, passengers have access to real-time flight information, keeping them informed about the current location of any aircraft in the Turkish Airlines fleet. The display also allows users to view updated weather forecasts relevant to their journey, ensuring a seamless travel experience from start to finish. The application also enables users to look through all the destinations Turkish Airlines is flying to, and draw customised routes on the map. It inspires users by giving brief information on select destinations, and helps them plan their next travel routes as it also shows weekly schedules.